Agile Scrum

Let us discuss what is Agile Scrum. To become Business Analyst it is important to know about Agile.

Product Owner Responsibilities That Ensure Success

Product Owner Responsibilities : A Product Owner is a crucial role in agile product development, with the primary responsibility for ensuring successful product delivery. They are responsible for ensuring their team has an accurate understanding of the customer requirements and needs that feed into the product design, taking ownership of the backlog, introducing new features to the product, and managing stakeholder expectations. Let us discuss below about Product Owner Responsibilities. 1. Analyzing and refining user stories. The Product Owner is…

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Scrum Master Responsibilities

Scrum Master Responsibilities : Scrum masters play an important role in agile development projects. They ensure that the project stays on track by helping the team follow the scrum framework. Scrum Master Responsibilities A scrum master is responsible for ensuring that the team is working effectively towards their goal. A scrum master should be able to help the team identify problems early on and provide solutions to those problems. The scrum master should also be able to communicate clearly about…

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Agile Interview Questions for Business Analyst

Agile Interview Questions for Business Analyst Let us discuss on commonly asked Agile Interview Questions for Business Analyst. What do you know about agile? An agile team is a group of people who work together to create something. Agile teams use short iterations to build software. Each iteration is called a sprint. A sprint is a set amount of time where the team works together to build a product. After each sprint, the team tests their product to make sure…

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What Is Joint Application Development?

JAD is a method for creating applications that combines the best features of different programming languages. This means that programmers can use the tools they’re most familiar with, while still getting the benefit of using other languages’ features. Let us discuss in detail What Is Joint Application Development and Advantages of JAD Why Should You Do Joint Application Development? There are several reasons why you should consider doing joint application development. First, it’s a cost effective solution. If you’re developing…

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What are 12 Agile principles ?

What are 12 agile principles ?  It is good to know about what are the 12 Agile Principles before learning Agile in detail. 1. Agile Principles Agility is a set of values and practices that help teams work effectively together. These principles are designed to ensure that we have the right people, processes, tools, and culture to deliver value to our customers. We believe that these principles should guide how we operate at all levels of the company. Agility is…

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What is agile manifesto ?

What is agile manifesto ? Agile Manifesto The Agile Manifesto was created by a group of software developers who were frustrated with how long their projects took to develop. They wanted to create something that would allow them to deliver working code faster than they had been able to before. The result of their efforts was the Agile Manifesto, a set of principles that describe how to work effectively as a team. The Agile Manifesto The Agile Manifest is divided…

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What is Epic

What is epic ?

What is epic ? Epic is a word that means something special and unique. In software development, Epic is a set of practices and principles that help teams build great products. These practices and principles are based on the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum framework. The Agile Manifesto was written in 2001 by 12 people who were frustrated with how they worked together and wanted to create a way to work together that would lead to building great products. The…

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How to Write Acceptance Criteria ?

Topics Covered How to Write Acceptance Criteria? What are the three ‘C’s of a User Story? What is INVEST? What is the difference between “Done” and “User Acceptance Criteria”? Benefits of “User Acceptance Criteria” How to write Acceptance Criteria ? Acceptance criteria checklist Agile Acceptance criteria define what must be done to complete an Agile User story. They specify the boundaries of the story and are used to confirm when it’s working as intended. Here is an introductory companion to…

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What is Agile User Story Acceptance Criteria ?

User Story Acceptance Criteria Topics Covered : What is User Story Acceptance Criteria ? Why User Story Acceptance Criteria is important ? Who will participate in finalizing the User Story Acceptance Criteria ? I ’ll explain what acceptance criteria are, how to write them, and how they give a foundation for everyone on a Scrum platoon to understand when a stoner story is “ done.” The Scrum platoon relies on the acceptance criteria to help produce their estimates for the…

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What is SDLC ?

Software Development Life Cycle is a framework having defined set of activities performed in phases for developing a software application or a software product.There are different SDLC methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, Spiral, RAD, iterative Development etc.. For now we will try to understand 2 popular SDLC methodologies Waterfall & Agile. Still so many companies are using water fall methodology. And now a day’s most of the companies are looking for Agile methodology, because in Agile less documentation will be there and easy to…

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