Let us see what are the daily tasks are performed by Business Analyst.

Business Analyst key role is to Analyze, communicate, Document and validating the requirements. Business Analyst needs to listen carefully when discussing with stake holders and should not interrupt when they are sharing about issues / Problems or requirements.

As a Business Analyst we may speak with the SME’s and end users to understand exactly what the requirement and exactly what client is expecting, so that Business Analyst can provide suitable solutions to the client.

Key Responsibilities of the Business Analyst:

  • Understand the Project
  • Identify the scope
  • Goals of the project
  • Identify the Decision makers
  • Identify the Stake holders
  • Issues / Problems
  • Flow diagrams and mockups
  • Track the Requirements
  • Manage the Requirements
  • Resolve the issues if team stuck up with some issues
  • Communicating with all the stake holders
  • Documentation

Each requirement should be delivered without any issue.

To understand the requirements clearly, we may conduct multiple meeting sessions with the stakeholders. Business needs to document the requirements in the form of BRD/FRD.

Before arranging the meetings, we should have proper Agenda of that meeting.

  • Workshops
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Focus groups
  • JAD sessions
  • Walkthroughs
  • BRD: Business Requirement Document
  • FRD: Functional Requirement Document
  • As a Business Analyst we should ensure to participate all the Stake holders, Decision Makers and Subject Matter Experts in the meeting.
  • Ask the correct questions to understand the requirements clearly.
  • And we should ensure to meeting should not be go off track and ensure to be in on track.
  • And ensure to everyone engaged in the meeting.
  • Note down the Meeting of the minutes and circulate with all the stake holders who are involved in this project.
  • And assign the tasks to the respective team and ensure to complete the task on committed time lines.