Difference between Agile and Waterfall

Let us observe what is the Difference between Agile and Waterfall Methodology.

Agile Interview Questions for Business Analyst

Agile Interview Questions for Business Analyst Let us discuss on commonly asked Agile Interview Questions for Business Analyst. What do you know about agile? An agile team is a group of people who work together to create something. Agile teams use short iterations to build software. Each iteration is called a sprint. A sprint is a set amount of time where the team works together to build a product. After each sprint, the team tests their product to make sure…

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What are 12 Agile principles ?

What are 12 agile principles ?  It is good to know about what are the 12 Agile Principles before learning Agile in detail. 1. Agile Principles Agility is a set of values and practices that help teams work effectively together. These principles are designed to ensure that we have the right people, processes, tools, and culture to deliver value to our customers. We believe that these principles should guide how we operate at all levels of the company. Agility is…

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What is agile manifesto ?

What is agile manifesto ? Agile Manifesto The Agile Manifesto was created by a group of software developers who were frustrated with how long their projects took to develop. They wanted to create something that would allow them to deliver working code faster than they had been able to before. The result of their efforts was the Agile Manifesto, a set of principles that describe how to work effectively as a team. The Agile Manifesto The Agile Manifest is divided…

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User Story Examples and User Stories

Let us observe some user story examples here. It helps us to provide overview how to write user stories. Feature: Refund item Scenario: XYZ returns a faulty item Given XYZ has bought a item for so and so amount And he/ she has a receipt When he/ She returns the item Then XYZ should be refunded with so and so amount Scenario: User enters correct user name and password Given that I am on the sign-in page When I enter my user name and…

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What is Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)?

What is Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)? Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a document, we can prepare in simple excel format also, it maps and traces client requirement with test cases. It captures all requirements given by the client/ Captured in BRD or FRD/FSD. The main goal of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to verify that all requirements are checked via test cases so that no functionality is unchecked during Software testing.   Why Requirement traceability matrix or RTM is required? A Requirement…

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What are Scrum Meetings

What are Scrum Meetings?

What are Scrum Meetings We discussed and observed what is Scrum and Scrum Roles, now we look into some other important terms and terminology. That is what is Sprint and what are Scrum Meetings  and what team discuss in Scrum Meetings. What is Sprint Zero? What is Sprint Planning? We can say Sprint is nothing but Time Frame. Team discusses and decides what the prioritized items are and how much effort required achieving that. For example 3 user stories/ Requirements…

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What is Scrum in agile methodology?

What is Scrum? Scrum:  Scrum is not a methodology, Scrum is a framework. That means it provides opportunity to work as per the project needs or requirements with cross functional team to reach the project goals. It helps us to interact with the people easily. Scrum is very popular now days and we can say without putting Agile  in your resume you will not get even interview calls also.  Don’t worry and do not think too much to understand what…

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What are the Advantages of Waterfall Model?

What are the Advantages of Waterfall Model: What are the Advantages of Waterfall Model? Simple and easy to use Easy to manage – each phase has specific deliverable’ s and a review process Phases are processed and completed within scheduled time Works well if requirements are very clear It is one the easiest model to manage. Because of its nature, each phase has specific deliverable’s and a review process. In each phase we will get to know what to deliver and…

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