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The bacareers blog: Career Path for Business Analyst Recently Career path for Business Analyst  was named the top Business Analyst blog on the web! This is the most comprehensive list of  Top 15 Business Analysis Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to be a part of this! Included in the list are some wonderful blogs. Feedspot uses this criteria to create their rankings: Relevancy Domain authority Age of a blog Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters…

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How payment will happen?

Credit or Debit card payment: Usually we will do the payments through credit card and Debit Card. Some people may think, just we are giving the card to the shop owner or we are entering details on the e-commerce website then shop owner is getting the money. But how this payment is happening and what the background process for this payment is, let us discuss in detail. But how this process is happening and this merchant will get money. Let…

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Website Design and Development

Let us discuss about some simple domains now to get some domain knowledge; I feel this will help you to get some idea about domain knowledge. Let us discuss about Website design and development and how it will be taken place. As we are reading blogs and accessing multiple websites on our daily life, we know what is website and how it looks like and what purpose wee will browse the websites.  Let us discuss in depth what are the…

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What is Domain Knowledge

Domain Knowledge : Let us observe what is domain knowledge, when you are reading the job description of Business Analyst, most of the companies will mention as domain knowledge is mandatory. We may think what domain knowledge is and how it is relevant for Business Analyst. Once we had gone though the Job description of the Business Analyst, below questions may come in our mind. What is Domain?  How to get Domain knowledge and from I can get domain Knowledge? …

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Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Customer Due Diligence

Enhanced Customer Due Diligence: Any financial institution (Banks and NBFC’s) has to follow the KYC process when they are opening any relationship with the customer (Customer on boarding/ Account Opening). This is part of the global efforts to comply with Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) laws, to protect the business from fraud and bad actors. During the KYC process, Customer Due Diligence is a key measure that scrutinizes the risk exposure of a customer. However, in some cases the regulatory compliance…

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Business Analyst Role in AML/Kyc Project

The Global Markets KYC Initial Due Diligence Team exists to help protect the Firm from Regulatory and Reputational risk. The KYC Initial Due Diligence team is responsible for the reviews of Clients in accordance with Financial Crime and Anti Money Laundering procedures in adherence of standards set by the UK and US regulators. The Team acts as a First Line of Defense for the Firm’s KYC Review process. The Team works closely with the Client On boarding (COB) and the…

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