Business Analyst Elicitation Techniques

Elicitation Techniques. Business Analyst Elicitation Techniques.

What is an API? (Application Programming Interface)

What is an API? (Application Programming Interface) API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. In simple words we can say it is the communicator between two software applications. It allows software applications to talk each other. Every day we are interacting with the multiple applications which are integrated with other applications. Example : Amazon, Flipkart, Phonepe etc.. It means every day we are using an API but the thing is we do not know that this is API. Let…

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What is Root Cause Analysis?

What is Root Cause Analysis? Root Cause Analysis is very important it helps us to understand on below. You may have the doubt that what is root cause analysis and who performs the Root cause Analysis, Let us observe below. What is the issue? How to prevent these types of issues in future? Why this issue occurred? What steps could be taken to not to occur this issue? What are the preventive actions? Getting into the roots helps in removing…

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What is Feasibility Study?

What is feasibility study? Before accepting or committing any requirement, as a Business Analyst, first we need to do the feasibility study, during feasibility study or analysis we need to concentrate on below. The requirement is feasible or not. Whether it will impact any existing functionalities. Whether this requirement may cause to any performance issues. Whether this requirement fits in the current system or not. What are the dependencies on this requirement? What are the integration points? Any impact on…

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What is GAP Analysis?

What is GAP Analysis? What is the GAP Analysis and why it is important? GAP means the difference between Current state and future state. Who performed GAP Analysis? GAP analysis is a process performed by Business Analysts and Project Managers. The difference between the current process and future process is known as GAP analysis. This help us to understand where we are (Current State)  and where do we want to be (Future State)? GAP analysis helps us to measure investment…

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What is Use Case Diagram with Example

How to draw Use Case diagram Business Analysis – Use Case Diagram UseCase diagrams plays very important role, these diagrams help to understand the relationship between user to user and user to system. Like what is the relationship with the user and what are the actions done by the User and how user wants to interact with the system. The focus of this diagram will be on “how external interfaces” (End users, Support systems, Database and internet connectivity to third…

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What is JAD Session?

Business Analyst – JAD Session JAD sessions is also one of the important elicitation technique used by the Business Analyst to gather and understand the requirements. Let us see what is JAD session, Joint Application Development (JAD) is a process used to collect business requirements while developing new Software systems for a organization. The goal of a JAD session is to gather in subject matter experts/Business analyst or IT specialist to bring out solutions. A Business analyst is the one…

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Business Analyst Elicitation Techniques.

Requirement Elicitation Techniques:   As a Business Analyst we need to understand the requirements clearly, to understand the requirements as a Business Analyst we need to use techniques to understand the requirements. Requirement elicitation is the process of digging out the information from the stakeholders. Requirements Elicitation serves the foundation in documenting the requirements. Let us see here below: Brainstorming Document Analysis Focus groups Observation Workshop JAD (Joint Application Development) Interview Prototyping Questionnaire (Survey) FAQ’s

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Stakeholder Management/ Analysis

What is Stakeholder Management/ Analysis

Stakeholder Management/ Analysis Who are Stakeholders:   Who are involving the project directly or indirectly are called as stake holders. Ex: Development Team, Testing Team(QA), client, SME’s and Architect. Stakeholder management is very important to gather the requirements. And as a Business Analyst we have coordinate and arrange multiple meetings and interviews with multiple teams to understand the requirements and to deliver the requirements as per planned schedule. As a business Analyst we are responsible for certain things like, Investigation…

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Tools used by Business Analyst

Tools used by Business Analyst Tools Used by Business Analyst:   Business Analyst needs to use some tools during the project to make stake holders to understand the requirements clearly.  Let us see some of the commonly and important Tools Used by Business Analyst: A complicated BA role, Business Analyst  needs to gather the requirements from the client and he needs to ensure that no requirement should be missed. He should prepare the specifications very carefully, because development team will…

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