Let us discuss about what is UAT? and what Business Analyst dones in UAT phase.

What Is Sanity Testing?

I want to talk about what is SanityTesting and who will do the sanity testing and few advantages by performing SanityTesting. There are many testing methods; SanityTesting is one of the method. Topics Covered 1. What Is SanityTesting? 2. Who will do the SanityTesting? 3. The Best Way To Do SanityTesting? 4. SanityTesting Steps 5. Advantages Of SanityTesting 1. What Is SanityTesting? In SanityTesting, once development is completed, build will be generated and same will be released for testing. User…

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What is Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)?

What is Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)? Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a document, we can prepare in simple excel format also, it maps and traces client requirement with test cases. It captures all requirements given by the client/ Captured in BRD or FRD/FSD. The main goal of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to verify that all requirements are checked via test cases so that no functionality is unchecked during Software testing.   Why Requirement traceability matrix or RTM is required? A Requirement…

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What is UAT (User Acceptance Test)?

What is UAT (User Acceptance Test) UAT (User Acceptance Test) Business Analyst suppose not to actively participate in testing part but, Business Analyst do support and perform testing.   What is UAT What are User Acceptance Tests or what is uat? User Acceptance Test is very important. Usually client will do the UAT. Once development completed and all approvals are in place, then we will release changes to client for Testing. Before releasing to client, we will do the end to…

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What is Business Analyst Role in Testing / BA in testing

Business Analyst Role in Testing / BA in testing Business Analyst Role in Testing / BA in testing As I mentioned in the main page, in a software company there will be Testing team. In industry terms we call it as Quality Assurance (QA) team or Quality Control (QC) team. Most popular terminology is QA or testing. Let us try to understand what  is Business Analyst role in Testing. My intention of putting ‘testing’ knowledge here is to make Business Analyst aspirants…

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Bug Life Cycle / What is Defect Life Cycle ?

Defect/ Bug Life Cycle Defect/ Bug Life Cycle Defect life cycle also known as bug life cycle. Defect life cycle/ Bug life cycle is the journey of bug from initiation to closure during its life time. It may different from organization to organization and may project to project. Business Analyst/ Scrum Master will monitor till closure of the defect, it may different from organization to organization. New : During testing of the application if tester find/observed any issue then tester will…

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