What is UAT (User Acceptance Test)??

What is UAT (User Acceptance Test) UAT (User Acceptance Test) Business Analyst suppose not to actively participate in testing part but, Business Analyst do support and perform testing. What are User Acceptance Tests (UAT)? User Acceptance Test is very important. Usually client will do the UAT. Once development completed and all approvals are in place, then we will release changes to client for Testing. Before releasing to client, we will do the end to end testing (Testing Team/QA Team). Before planning…

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Stand Up Meeting

How to Conduct Stand Up Meetings? Stand up meetings are an important event that is used in the Scrum methodology. Their primary purpose is to keep the Scrum team updated on the team’s progress. The stands up meetings are usually held daily and they are allotted short time frames i.e. 15 minutes or less. What is a Stand Up Meeting? A stand-up meeting is a short meeting that is held on daily basis.  Usually this meeting will happen when day starts. …

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How to Become a Business Analyst

How to Become a Business Analyst Here whatever I mentioned is based on my own experience; I feel it may help to someone who are preparing for BA and trying to get job as a Business Analyst. A business analyst is in charge of understanding a business’s changing needs, and providing technological solutions to improve its processes and systems. Thus, a business analyst is often thought of as the link between the business and IT departments. Identify Skills: Before deciding…

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The bacareers blog

The bacareers blog: Career Path for Business Analyst Recently Career path for Business Analyst  was named the top Business Analyst blog on the web! This is the most comprehensive list of  Top 15 Business Analysis Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to be a part of this! Included in the list are some wonderful blogs. Feedspot uses this criteria to create their rankings: Relevancy Domain authority Age of a blog Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters…

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Top Websites to improve knowledge as a Business Analyst.

Let us see here some important blogs and websites to refer to get more knowledge on Business Analyst. Usually I keep on search to identify some blogs and websites to improve my knowledge, while searching I got some websites and blots, after seeing that I felt it is worth to share with you all. I gone through so many websites and I felt below mentioned websites will help us to improve our knowledge. I am sharing this information as per…

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Business Analyst Role in Testing

Business Analyst Role in Testing As I mentioned in the main page, in a software company there will be Testing team. In industry terms we call it as Quality Assurance (QA) team or Quality Control (QC) team. Most popular terminology is QA or testing. My intention of putting ‘testing’ knowledge here is to make Business Analyst aspirants to know about testing not intended for Developers and testers. As a Business Analyst it is important to know how testing is done…

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Scrum Master Role in a Project

Scrum Master Role in a Project Scrum team includes of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team. Let us discuss some important roles of the Scrum master’s in project: The primary responsibility of the Scrum Master is to build a Team. And he works closely with the team to deliver the project without bugs and he ensures to deliver on time. To achieve this Scrum Master needs to coordinate and discuss with internal and external stakeholders. Scrum Master acts as…

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How to write User stories:

How to write User stories: User Stories: When we are working on agile process (methodology), user stories are very important.  Because we have to write requirements as a user story to understand easily. To write user stories first we need to understand who the user/Actor is and what his role in application is and what actions user will perform by using this product. User story should be understandable And User story should be Testable. Usually product owner will write the…

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Business Analyst Elicitation Techniques.

Requirement Elicitation Techniques: As a Business Analyst we need to understand the requirements clearly, to understand the requirements as a Business Analyst we need to use elicitation techniques to understand the requirements. Requirement elicitation is the process of digging out the information from the stakeholders. Requirements Elicitation serves the foundation in documenting the requirements. Let us see here Requirement Elicitation Techniques below: Brainstorming Document Analysis Focus groups Observation Workshop JAD (Joint Application Development) Interview Prototyping Questionnaire (Survey)

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Business Analyst Challenges:

Here I am listing down the real time challenges faced by the Business Analyst. There can be other challenges but here I am mentioning few which are facing by the Business Analyst in day to day life. I believe it may enough when you are trying a fresher, one or two experience. Frequently changing requirements Freeze requirements Coordination with developers and testers Change management-with respect to cost and time lines              Drive UAT phase – on time completion of UAT·…

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