What is Business Analyst Role in AML and Kyc Project

Business Analyst Role in AML and Kyc Project

The Global Markets AML and KYC Initial Due Diligence Team exists to help protect the Firm from Regulatory and Reputational risk. The KYC Initial Due Diligence team is responsible for the reviews of Clients in accordance with Financial Crime and Anti Money Laundering procedures in adherence of standards set by the UK and US regulators.

Business Analyst Role in AML and KYC Project
Let us observe Business Analyst Role in AML and KYC Project

The Team acts as a First Line of Defense for the Firm’s KYC Review process. The Team works closely with the Client On boarding (COB) and the second line of defense Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) teams globally, aiming to move clients from “prospect” to “customer” in the shortest possible time and ensure a synchronized approach to servicing our clients.

               In addition, the team provides guidance and advice to COB(Customer on Boarding) around KYC(Know your customer) requirements and financial crime issues and assists in ad-hoc / ongoing regulatory projects to improve quality of client static data on Credit Suisse internal databases. The team promotes fast, efficient, streamlined and transparent on-boarding experience.

              We are a department that values Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and are committed to realizing the firm’s D&I ambition which is an integral part of our global Conduct and Ethics Standards.


  • You will verify the identity of prospective new clients across the GM division.
  • You will perform timely and accurate KYC reviews with regards to the local regulatory and Credit Suisse policies and procedures.
  • You will assure that the Sanctions, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) and Adverse Media/Negative News screening has taken place using the appropriate systems.
  • It is essential for you to ensure the clients are accurately classified as prescribed by CS Policy and Regulatory expectations.
  • You will implement any required changes in the client data during the on boarding process and facilitate the resolution of any matters arising from the KYC review.

You will ensure any additional due diligence checks that are being made for the clients depending on the risk levels.

Here my intention is to provide overview on AML and KYC and what Business Analyst does in AML and KYC Project.

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