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Jira Software is a project management tool developed by Atlassian, specifically designed for software development teams. It supports both traditional project management methodologies and Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and mixed methodologies like Scrumban.

Key features of Jira Software include:

  1. Issue and Project Tracking: Teams can create user stories, bugs, or tasks, which are then organized and prioritized in a backlog.
  2. Customizable workflows: Each issue can go through a workflow, which reflects the life cycle of the task. Workflows can be customized to match the way teams work.
  3. Scrum and Kanban boards: Teams using Agile methodologies can visually manage their work using Scrum or Kanban boards.
  4. Roadmaps: Advanced roadmapping capabilities allow teams to plan their work ahead, map out their projects, and communicate their plans with stakeholders.
  5. Reports: Jira Software provides several built-in reports (like burndown or burnup charts, sprint reports, velocity charts) to help teams track their progress.
  6. Integration capabilities: Jira Software can integrate with other Atlassian tools (like Bitbucket, Confluence) and hundreds of third-party apps for continuous integration, test management, and more.
  7. Developer tool integrations: Jira Software integrates with developer tools to provide traceability from backlog to deployment. For instance, you can see the status of the build and deployment of a particular issue right on the issue page if it’s integrated with CI/CD tools.
  8. Mobile app: Jira Software’s mobile application allows team members to track and manage their work on the go.

Jira Software is widely used by software development teams of all sizes, in both co-located and distributed settings, and across various industries. It’s known for its flexibility, scalability, and robust set of features that help teams manage and track their work efficiently.

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