What is Scrum in agile methodology?

What is Scrum?

What is Scrum

Scrum:  Scrum is not a methodology, Scrum is a framework. That means it provides opportunity to work as per the project needs or requirements with cross functional team to reach the project goals. It helps us to interact with the people easily.

Scrum is very popular now days and we can say without putting Agile  in your resume you will not get even interview calls also.  Don’t worry and do not think too much to understand what is scrum. Let us discuss in simple words.

Mostly it will use in implementation of projects.

When we are discussing about Scrum, we should understand and remember the ScrumTerminology and terms used. I am trying to explain in simple way.

Product Backlog:

Need to prepare the product backlog, it contains the list of user stories, user story is nothing but requirements.

Once we prepare the Product backlog, will prioritize the user stories which can be implemented in this Sprint.

  1. Product Owner(PO)

    : He will decide what needs to done in this sprint/project and he is the responsible for managing the product backlog. He will be the responsible person for product like how product should be and all.

  2. He interacts with Business Analysts and Customers. This role may be played by BA or any person who is having strong knowledge on product and who works with end users for a long time. Depends on the project client also may play this role.
  1. ScrumMaster (SM)

    He will monitor the performance of the team within the sprint. Team will raise all their concerns and issues to ScrumMaster.

  • He is responsible to provide solutions to the team. He will interact with the stake holders to address the issues and concerns raised by the team. This role can be played by any person in team usually Business Analyst will play this role.
  • Development Team (Cross functional team who are self organized)

Scrum Team: Resources who are working in this project are formed as Scrum team which comprises of Business Analyst, Developers and Testers.

If you are looking for Certification, you can refer scrum.org

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