Can I become a Business Analyst:


Can I become a Business Analyst

Can I Become a Business Analyst

Generally when we are looking for Business Analyst career, our first question in our mind is “Can I become a Business Analyst and what are the skills needed to become a business analyst. Here we will look into the business analyst skills what are needed.

Yes, anyone can become a business analyst irrespective of knowledge and skills, but we need to learn and understand who business analyst is and what are the skills needed to prove as a good business analyst.

Soft skills :

  • Communication skills : Communications skills means not only speaking in English, As a Business Analyst we need to know what to talk and what not to talk. Business Analyst should be able to communicate with team what he captured from the client and stake holders properly.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Team work and collaboration

Domain Knowledge:

When we are communicating with stake holders, they will expect the same level of knowledge from us, so if we have domain knowledge then it will help us to understand client needs, issues and system functionality.  It will help us to provide suitable solutions to client.

For example, if we are working on the banking project and we do not have knowledge on banking then it is difficult to understand what client is saying and expecting from us.  So, there is a chance to understand the client requirements in different way, if we understand in different way then we will communicate the same to our internal stake holders.  So, team will work on the same. It may lead to project failure.

Here intention is not to say everyone should have domain knowledge and without domain knowledge we can’t be a good business analyst, if you can able to understand client needs and can communicate to internal stake holders and provide suitable solutions to client then we can prove as a good business analyst.

but if you have domain knowledge then it is good for you to understand the business needs and issues easily.  And we can easily communicate with end users.

In addition to that Business analyst needs to understand what are challenges we may face and what are the business challenges.

Analysis/Technical skills.

This will help to run project without any operational issues.

For Ex:

  • Risk Analysis,
  • Gap Analysis

Is  technical skills needed for Business Analyst :       

Definitely it is a advantage if you have some technical knowledge, but it is not mandatory to become a business analyst. Business analyst major role to understand and gather the requirements from the client and he should be able to convey the same with technology team, and provide suitable solutions to achieve client goals.

If you are storing in domain knowledge and have experience in some domain then you need to concentrate on SDLC approaches, how it works and how to manage the stake holders and how to convey the requirements to technology team.

If you are a technology person and wants to become a Business Analyst then need to concentrate domain knowledge, how to manage the stake holders.

If you are a fresher and wants to become a Business Analyst, then needs to concentrate on both Domain knowledge and SDLC.

I feel this will answer to your first question ” Can I become a Business Analyst”

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Business Analyst FAQs

What qualifications do you need to become a business analyst?

Business Analyst Education Degree Requirements
For entry-level business analyst positions, you may only need a bachelor’s degree. Some employers require business analysts to have a master’s degree in business administration. You may also need to have experience in the industry in which you plan to consult.

Is business analyst a good career path?

The good news is that the business analyst career path is very diverse, so based on your interest and qualification one can choose the most suitable path. Some options…… Operations Manager, keeping the fundamentals of the role of a business analyst in place, one can branch out as an operations manager

How do I become an IT analyst?

Learn how to become a technical analyst.
Should I Become a Technical Analyst?
Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. A bachelor’s degree in an IT field can help prepare potential technical analysts for their career. …
Step 2: Gain Work Experience. …
Step 3: Obtain a Voluntary Professional Certification.

What does an IT systems analyst do?

systems analyst is a person who uses analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology. Systems analysts may serve as change agents who identify the organizational improvements needed, design systems to implement those changes, and train and motivate others to use the systems.