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Let us discuss about some simple domains now to get some domain knowledge; I feel this will help you to get some idea about domain knowledge. Let us discuss about Website design and development and how it will be taken place. As we are reading blogs and accessing multiple websites on our daily life, we know what is website and how it looks like and what purpose wee will browse the websites.  Let us discuss in depth what are the…

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What is Domain Knowledge in software industry?

What is Domain Knowledge : Let us observe what is domain knowledge, when you are reading the job description of Business Analyst, most of the companies will mention as domain knowledge is mandatory. We may think what domain knowledge is and how it is relevant for Business Analyst. Once we had gone though the Job description of the Business Analyst, below questions may come in our mind. How to get Domain Experience or knowledge  and from where I can get? …

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Most common Business Analyst Interview Questions

Business Analyst Interview Questions Below are some questions which can be asked during interview.  I mentioned some of the important questions to prepare before attending the Interview. It does not mean that interviewer will ask below questions only during the interview. Please note that, there can be many more questions. I have listed some usually asked questions and usually I ask these questions for  to 3 years of experienced  business analysts. I tried to mention best answers, but you should…

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