Who is project Manager & what they do?

Who is Project Manager?

Who is Project Manager
Who is Project Manager?

Let us discuss and observe who project manager is and what he does in project.  Till now we have discussed the role and responsibilities of Business Analyst in project.  And we may have get doubt as “Business Analyst is handling the project and he is involving in every phase of the software development life cycle.

Business Analysts are usually active members of project teams and many business analysis tasks are very similar to project management tasks, but who exactly is a Project Manager?

As we discussed and observed in previous articles business analysts involves almost all the phases of the software development life cycle.

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Requirements Analysis
  3. Design
  4. UAT
  5. Functional Testing
  6. Production Movement
  7. Maintenance and Support

Business Analyst involves in above phases based on the project and organization. Now a day’s some of the organizations expecting even technical skills from the Business Analyst.

As Business Analyst involves in all the phases of the software development life cycle but Project Manager is the person who can take decisions and who can decide how project should be and how project to be drive in smoothly to reach the customer expectations and meet the project goals.

He / She is the person who can decide which methodology to be used and project manager is the person to design the project.  Project Manager is the responsible for the entire project.

What are the skills needed to prove as a good project Manager.

  • They have to be able to manage people and develop trust and communication with the project’s stakeholders in order to ensure the project’s success.
  • He/ She has to be able to adapt to change, work well under pressure.
  • He/ She is responsible for using their skills and techniques to ensure the project’s success.

Some of the important responsibilities are below.

  1. Ensure that the project is delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.
  2. Develop a detailed project plan which is used to monitor and track progress.
  3. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor the progress of the project.
  4. Perform risk management to assess the project’s risks.
  5. Meet with clients to understand the project’s requirements.
  6. Manage the stakeholder’s relationships.
  7. Measure the project’s performance.
  8. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
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