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What is Bug in Software Testing? Common Types of Bugs.

Topics covered in this Article: 1. What is Bug in Software Testing? 2. Types of Bugs in Software Testing? 3. Common Bugs in Software Testing? 4. How to fix the Bugs in Software Testing ? What is Bug in Software Testing? What is Bug in Software Testing ? Bug generally refers to any error, fault, or deficiency in a software system. This can manifest itself in one or more of the following areas: -Application Functionality -Software System Quality -Tests Running…

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What is Bug in Software Development?

Topics covered in this article. Definition of a bug in software development. Types of bugs and their impact on software. How to identify and report bugs. Best practices for bug tracking and management. Importance of testing and quality assurance in preventing bugs. What is Bug? What are the things may  lead to Bug?                    Poor communication                    Unstable environments          …

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