How to create Workflow ?

Let us discuss here how to create workflow ? A SharePoint workflow is a set of rules that govern how documents move between people and groups within a company. A workflow consists of steps that users take to complete tasks. These steps may involve sending emails, updating records, or moving files. Workflows help keep track of who does what and where things go.

How to create Workflow ?

The first step in setting up a workflow is to create a list called “Workflow”. You can name this list whatever you want, but make sure to give it a unique name. Next, you need to add items to the list. To do this, click on the “New Item” button at the top right corner of the screen. Then, select “Workflow’ from the drop down menu. After selecting the workflow item type, you will be prompted to enter information about the workflow.

Step 1: Name the workflow

You can name the workflow anything you want. However, make sure to give it some kind of title. This will help you identify the workflow later.

Step 2: Select the action

This step lets you choose what happens after the workflow runs. There are three options: Start a Task, Send Email, or Move Files. If you select Start a Task, then you will be able to specify the task that should be performed. If you select Send Email, then you will be asked to enter the email address of the person who should receive the message. Finally, if you select Move Files, then you will have the option to select the location where the file should be moved.

Step 3: Enter the description

This step lets you describe what the workflow is supposed to accomplish.

Step 4: Choose the start date/time

This step lets you decide when the workflow should begin. You can choose any time you want.

Step 5: Set the due date

This step lets you determine when the workflow should end. You can choose any date you want.

Step 6: Assign the workflow to someone

If you want to assign the workflow to someone else, then you can do so here.

Tips to create sharepoint workflow

1. Create SharePoint Workflow

Create a workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013. You can use the following steps to create a workflow:

a. Open SharePoint Designer 2013.

b. c. Select the type of workflow (e.g., approval).

d. Enter a name for the workflow.

e. Click Next.

f. In the list box, select the item(s) that should trigger the workflow.

g. Click Add.

h. Repeat Steps f-g until you have added all items that need to trigger the workflow.

i. Click Finish.

2. Modify SharePoint Workflow

After you have created a workflow, you can modify it. To do this, follow these steps:

a. Open the workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013.

Tips to create sharepoint workflow

1. SharePoint Workflow

SharePoint workflows are a great way to automate tasks and processes in SharePoint. They allow users to perform actions based on certain conditions. You can use them to trigger events, send emails, update lists, add items to lists, etc.

2. Create a New Workflow

To create a new workflow, click on the “Workflows” tab at the top left corner of the site. Then click on “New Workflow” under the “Create” section.

3. Name Your Workflow

The name should reflect what the workflow does. For example, if you have a workflow that sends out an email notification whenever a document is added to a list, then the name would be something along the lines of “Email Notification”.

4. Choose a Template

You can choose between three templates: “Send Email”, “Update List Item”, and “Add Document To List”. Select whichever template best suits your needs.

5. Add Actions

Actions are the steps that occur after a condition is met. In our example above, we want to send an email whenever a document is added. So, we need to add two actions: “Start Action” and “End Action”. Start action means that the workflow starts once the condition is met. End action means that the workflow ends once the condition is no longer met.

6. Configure Conditions

Conditions are the triggers that start the workflow. In our case, we want to send out an email whenever a document gets added to a list. We do this by selecting “List item was created�” as the condition.

7. Save & Test

Once everything is configured correctly, save the workflow by clicking on the green check mark icon. If you don’t get any errors, then you’re good to go!

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