Business Analyst Job Description & Career Profile: IT

Business Analyst Job Description

Business Analyst Job Description: IT

Let us observe the sample Business Analyst Job Description.

The Business Analyst (BA) acts as a liaison between either a development group and an external client/vendor, or a development group and an internal business sponsor. The BA is responsible for the collection/analysis, authoring, and communication of requirements in order to satisfy the client/sponsors needs. Depending on the nature of the project, the BA may also undertake a combination of project management, technical implementation and testing analyst tasks. The BA is expected to have either a strong proprietary knowledge base or multiple years of previous BA experience in requirements analysis and authoring. The Lead Business Analyst is additionally expected to exhibit strong leadership in many areas including defining/improving standards, mentoring other Senior and Associate BAs, and implementation / project management of critical projects.

Major Responsibilities / Accountabilities

  • Develops and improves business processes within the technology and business organizations and understands client requirements, specifying and analyzing these to a sufficient level of detail to ensure clarity of definition. Collects, writes formal specifications and communicates business requirements between development and client to design and implement business solutions.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a relationship with Data Provider e.g. Exchanges, Contributors.
  • Responsible for the collection, analysis and documentation of a client’s business needs and requirements.
  • Participates in short term planning sessions with a client to improve a business process within an assigned client area.
  • Uses a structured requirements process to assess near-term needs.
  • Uses a structured change management process to shepherd projects from requirements gathering through design, testing, implementation, client transition and on-going systems maintenance
  • Provides business process and systems analysis, requirements specifications, consult on development and testing management for implementing technology-based editorial business solutions focusing on increasing productivity, data accuracy, automation and efficiency while reducing redundancy and costs.
  • Responsible for modelling and analysing client and system processes in order to identify opportunities for technological improvements, process synergies, and business efficiencies
  • Identify, recommend and develop methods, tools and metrics for client business process and systems operational support
  • Provide client systems support in order to resolve issues and contribute to on-going systems maintenance and evolution.
  • Identifies business priorities and advises client on options.
  • Ensures change management and communication of change is done in a systematic way for projects where initial requirements may evolve during the lifecycle of the project.
  • Responsible for generating systems documentation for operational support and end user information. Conducts operational and end user training and support transitions of operational support to client.
  • Develops relationships with a client by being proactive, displays a thorough understanding of their business, and provides innovative business solutions. Works with clients to ensure smooth transitions to new systems and/or business processes.
  • Develops a basic awareness and understanding of Thomson Reuters technologies, products, and services.
  • Recommends metrics to ensure customer satisfaction.

Scope and Impact

  • Performs work within several business segments, engaging in moderate to complex business processes across multiple business processes or segments of the business.
  • Project team member for projects of medium to large scope and moderate to high complexity projects.
  • Responsible for coordinating work of development teams, business clients and others and be accountable for the work delivered. Fully responsible for quality of own work, and possibly some accountability for more junior members of the team.
  • Responsible for managing projects through the development lifecycle including requirements gathering, functional specifications, testing, implementation, training, transition and maintenance.
  • May be involved in defining and managing requirements for implementation by remote or third party teams.
  • Responsible for management of own time, and coaching/mentoring more junior team members.
  • Responsible for estimating effort required for own work, and checking other team member estimates.
  • Able to plan tasks necessary to lead to the production of adequate business and system functional requirements.
  • Accountable for compliance with agreed policies, standards and procedures.


  • Demonstrated expertise in requirements management best practice and ensures these practices are used.
  • Demonstrated expertise in business process re-engineering
  • Demonstrated expertise in business process analytics and understanding of six-sigma process improvement techniques
  • Demonstrated expertise in Business Process Modelling preferable with experience in Oracle BPMS/BAM nomenclature & tool sets
  • Experience working with an Agile development methodology
  • Experience working with a globally distributed team of customers, stakeholders, business owners, developers and QA staff
  • Experience working with a Services-oriented application architecture
  • Understands principles in performance requirements and helps formulate Key Performance Indicators for a project.
  • Understands principles of usability and helps ensure products are fit for purpose.
  • Understands the effects of technology used within Development, and the impact on the business client.
  • Understands basic financial information and markets and the future direction of the industry.
  • Understands the development organization and other specialized areas such as Product Management and Data and future direction of the business for an assigned client area

Relationships: Internal / External

  • Development leads (e.g. Managers, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Technical Leads)
  • Architects
  • Development staff
  • Third party Development Leads & Architects
  • Customer Segments
  • Customer Segment Partners
  • Data Providers
  • May include external clients, Capability Managers and Business users.

Professional Experience

Must have a solid understanding of the client’s existing business processes, the key drivers and measures of success of the business, and the short and long term direction of the business and technology. Demonstrated ability to understand project business requirements and facilitate implementation of team member’s understanding of these as well. Demonstrated expertise in information systems, business operations, requirements analysis, and integration/design of client solutions. Needs to have a high level understanding of the overall Thomson Reuters Development or internal systems architecture in order to understand the issues & implications of proposed systems & hardware solutions. Requires some relevant technical or business work experience, ideally a background in business area supported. Requires experience with and understanding of Business Operations and requirement management processes, as well as expertise business modeling concepts utilizing BPMS . Must have experience in information systems, development life cycle, Agile development methodology, business process development and leadership skills. Must have exceptional communication skills, ability to work independently and drive for results.

Must have experience

  • Are senior level with ~5+ year experience as a business/system analyst
  • Have experience with new product development
  • Experienced in an environment where the BA drives from Ideation through requirements/specifications, supports dev & QA, supports UAT, supports/guides business implementation
  • Experience with back-end specifications/ technical requirements (Databases, API, services, service integration, JSON/message queues)

I hope it provided you the overview of Business Analyst Job Description.

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