Business Analyst Daily Tasks

Who is Business Analyst and what are the daily tasks of Business Analyst Daily Tasks

Top Blogs for Business Analyst

Top Blogs to improve knowledge as a Business Analyst. Let us see here some important or top  blogs and websites to refer to get more knowledge on Business Analyst. Usually I keep on search to identify some blogs and websites to improve my knowledge, while searching I got some websites and blots, after seeing that I felt it is worth to share with you all. I gone through so many websites and I felt below mentioned websites will help us…

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Business Analyst Challenges:

Business Analyst Challenges Here I am listing down the real time challenges faced by the Business Analyst. There can be other challenges but here I am mentioning few which are facing by the Business Analyst in day to day life. I believe it may enough when you are trying a fresher, one or two experience. Frequently changing requirements Freeze requirements Coordination with developers and testers Change management-with respect to cost and time lines              Drive UAT phase – on time…

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Business Analyst Tasks

Let us observe Business Analyst Tasks It is very important to know business analyst tasks, Business Analyst key role is to Analyze, communicate, Document and validating the requirements. Let us discuss Business Analyst Tasks and  what he does during the project/ Business Analyst needs to listen carefully when discussing with stake holders and should not interrupt when they are sharing about issues / Problems or requirements. As a Business Analyst we may speak with the SME’s and end users to…

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Tell me About Your self as a Business Analyst.

Tell me About Your self as a Business Analyst.     As we know this is the common question for everyone when we are facing any interview, it is tricky question and ensure to respond in proper way. This is the question where interviewer can estimate your knowledge and skills, this is only question where we can express our strengths and positive areas. We do not know what interviewer is expecting from us, some of them may expect your current…

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