What is UAT (User Acceptance Test)?

What is UAT (User Acceptance Test) UAT (User Acceptance Test) Business Analyst suppose not to actively participate in testing part but, Business Analyst do support and perform testing.   What is UAT What are User Acceptance Tests or what is uat? User Acceptance Test is very important. Usually client will do the UAT. Once development completed and all approvals are in place, then we will release changes to client for Testing. Before releasing to client, we will do the end to…

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What is Stand up Meeting (Daily Scrum)?

How to Conduct Stand Up Meetings? Let us discuss about Stand Up Meeting or daily stand up meetings. Stand up meetings are an important event that is used in the Scrum methodology. Their primary purpose is to keep the Scrum team updated on the team’s progress. The stands up meetings are usually held daily and they are allotted short time frames i.e. 15 minutes or less. What is a Stand Up Meeting? A stand-up meeting is a short meeting that is…

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