Top Blogs for Business Analyst

Top Blogs to improve knowledge as a Business Analyst. Let us see here some important or top  blogs and websites to refer to get more knowledge on Business Analyst. Usually I keep on search to identify some blogs and websites to improve my knowledge, while searching I got some websites and blots, after seeing that I felt it is worth to share with you all. I gone through so many websites and I felt below mentioned websites will help us…

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What is Business Analyst Role in Testing / BA in testing

Business Analyst Role in Testing / BA in testing Business Analyst Role in Testing / BA in testing As I mentioned in the main page, in a software company there will be Testing team. In industry terms we call it as Quality Assurance (QA) team or Quality Control (QC) team. Most popular terminology is QA or testing. Let us try to understand what  is Business Analyst role in Testing. My intention of putting ‘testing’ knowledge here is to make Business Analyst aspirants…

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