SDLC software development Life Cycle. There are various types of SDLC methodologies.

Bug Life Cycle / What is Defect Life Cycle ?

Defect/ Bug Life Cycle Defect/ Bug Life Cycle Defect life cycle also known as bug life cycle. Defect life cycle/ Bug life cycle is the journey of bug from initiation to closure during its life time. It may different from organization to organization and may project to project. Business Analyst/ Scrum Master will monitor till closure of the defect, it may different from organization to organization. New : During testing of the application if tester find/observed any issue then tester will…

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What is Requirement in software engineering?

What is Requirement What is Requirement and Types of Requirements. Requirement is a need of customer. Business Analyst primary role is to understand the need of a customer and provide software solution to meets the customer expectation. By seeing description of the requirement we can say that, gathering requirements are very easy. But in real scenario it is very difficult to gather and understand the client requirements.  Because every business channel has their own requirements and organization requirements may differ…

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What is Business Analyst Role in Agile Project.

Business Analyst Role in Agile Project. Here I want to share Business Analyst role in Agile project, now a days most of the companies are looking for Agile methodology because software will be delivered frequently so that client will happy. I observed people are thinking Business Analyst is needed in Waterfall methodology and not needed for Agile Methodology as it is team work and scrum team will handle everything. Business analyst title is not present in scrum roles; however someone…

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Tell me About Your self as a Business Analyst.

Tell me About Your self as a Business Analyst.     As we know this is the common question for everyone when we are facing any interview, it is tricky question and ensure to respond in proper way. This is the question where interviewer can estimate your knowledge and skills, this is only question where we can express our strengths and positive areas. We do not know what interviewer is expecting from us, some of them may expect your current…

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What is the Role of Business Analyst in IT Company

What is the Role of Business Analyst   Who is Business Analyst/ Role of the Business Analyst in Project: Business Analyst is a communicator between internal and external stakeholders. Business Analyst needs to understand the Business requirement and analyze the same and provide suitable solution to Client. Business Analyst can be able to understand the requirement from client and he should be able to explain the same to Technology team to deliver proper requirement. Customer explains in functional way what…

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